Man Arrested for Painting Dog Pink

 |  Feb 9th 2011  |   12 Contributions

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No photos of the pink dog in this story were available, so we bring you this pink fellow, who looks just as shocked to be pink as the other dog may have been.

Police in Terre Haute, Indiana, have arrested a man suspected of painting someones white dog pink.

There are no details about how he got access to the dog (or more important, why he chose pink) but the dogs owner was not happy. Not only had her dog changed color, but she said the dog rubbed pink paint all over her furniture and vehicle.

The suspect already had an active warrant for his arrest, according to The Tribune-Star. (Maybe he has painted other dogs garish colors before?)

If he used real paint, that could be highly toxic, and I hope the dog has been taken to the groomer and cleaned up. But if it was nontoxic dye, and if he didnt break into the dogs house in order to paint him, he probably wont be rotting in prison for too long.

A strange story, but true. Just like we like 'em on the Dogster dog blog!

(Photo credit: Sun & Moon Inn)


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