Louisiana Police Who Murdered Dogs After Katrina Go On Trial February 14th

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Debbie, Nikki's furmom, barked in to let us all know that the wheels of justice are still grinding on in Louisiana. As you may remember from a previous post, a number of police officers have been indicted for murdering dogs in the days after Katrina. Their trial is set for February 14th and we are all invited.

Debbie wrote:
Police Officers Shot & Killed Dogs in the Street After Hurricane Katrina!

Did you know some police officers shot and killed dogs in the street after Hurricane Katrina? I didn't! I found the article on Pasado's Safe Haven for all animals' website.

Who wants to join Pasado's at the hearing?

NOTHING would make us more proud then to see a courthouse full of animal lovers, standing and staring down the deputies who callously and mercilessly took the lives of innocent dogs on the streets of New Orleans.

Mark Steinway, Pasado's Safe Haven's Humane Investigator, will be at the arraignment on February 14th and he'd love to stand with you, in support of animals who never had a chance. YOU will be their voice - for the media, andfor the judge to see.


February 14th (watch this website for an exact time)

St. Bernard Parish Courthouse
1100 W. St. Bernard Highway Chalmette, LA. (NOT Baton Rouge)

Read the rest of the article - you can help even if you don't live anywhere near there.


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