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"Lost Puppy" Found on Camping Trip Turns Out to Be a Wolf Cub

Campers in Idaho mistook a wolf for a lost puppy. But don't worry: Officials hope to return the cub to the pack. Well, if they can find it.

 |  Jun 4th 2012  |   20 Contributions

Campers in Ketchum, Idaho, found a lonely, hungry, tiny, cute baby furry creature by the side of the road and decided to help him out by bringing him to a vet. However, upon closer inspection, the vet suspected that the little four-legged guy the rescuers thought was just a puppy might actually be a wolf cub.

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The little lost wolf cub hadn't eaten in days when found.

Folks, do not try this at home! Vets conducted DNA tests to find out whether the pup is pure wolf or perhaps a wolf-hybrid. Frightened of people and in poor health, the cub was handed over to a local zoo for temporary care and housing. Workers from Fish and Game are on the hunt for the cub's family in an effort to reunite him with his pack. A wolf pack had been observed near where the cub was found, and it's suspected that while in the process of moving a litter, the wolves were startled by humans and became separated.

Defenders of Wildlife have stepped in to assist Idaho Fish and Game in locating the cub's family. Their wolf expert, Suzanne Stone, explained the urgency in reuniting the pack, since wolf cubs have only a slim chance of survival without their mamas. 

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Suzanne Stone points out the wolf tracks they hope will lead the cub back home.

For now the cub is being kept away from people so he'll have a better chance of being reassimilated into the wild, which we hope will happen soon. 

Defenders or Wildlife found tracks that "indicate that the mother wolf was using the road to move her litter through Sawtooth National Forest where they were disturbed by human activity and the one pup got separated from his family."

They plan on following the tracks back to what they hope will be a den site so they can get the little cub back home.

Our paws are crossed for a happy ending to this story!

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