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Newlyweds Plead for the Return of Dogs They Lost in a Burglary

Less than three weeks after their wedding, the couple lost two family members to an intruder.

 |  Mar 12th 2014  |   4 Contributions

Charlie Gurion and David Wilk were married only 18 days ago, on Feb. 22, but already they're faced with having their family torn apart. While they were out at a coffee shop on Tuesday morning, someone smashed down the door to their Chicago apartment and ransacked it. The burglars took three computers and a tablet, but what Charlie and David are really missing are their two French Bulldogs, Rue and Pierre.

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Charlie Gurion (left) and David Wilk (right)

Authorities don't know whether the dogs were stolen or whether they just left through the open door, perhaps frightened away by the sudden violence. Neither one is microchipped, so Gurion and Wilk are asking for help from the community finding their two dogs.

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Rue and Pierre shown sleeping together.

Rue, who is 18 months old with a white coat and tan spotting, is of particular concern to the couple. Rue is deaf, and she has severe allergies that require daily medication. The second dog, Pierre, is only nine months old and has a gray coat and blue eyes.

"We don't care about the other things they stole," Gurion said to "We just want our dogs back. No questions asked, and we'll give a reward to anyone that can help find them."

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Rue, shown here, is deaf and has allergies that she needs medication for every day.

There have been reports that the dogs have been seen walking around the Avondale neighborhood, loose, but those are unconfirmed so far.

"They were spotted near Humboldt Park," said the couple's housemate, Josh Crews. "They're reported to be loose and walking around."

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"Hopefully, someone sees this and understands that these are our children," Gurion told a local television station. "They're more than dogs to us, so we would love them back, safely."

Anyone with any information about the missing dogs can contact the owners at (815) 603-8177 or

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