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If You Lost a Dog on Vacation, Would You Camp Out to Get Him Back?

George Zeckler slept outside on a farm in Maryland where his missing Yorkie had been sighted. Would you have done the same?

 |  Apr 4th 2013  |   8 Contributions

Thanks to the efforts of the Jefferson community in Maryland, a family and its Yorkshire Terrier have been reunited.

George and Elizabeth Zeckler were on vacation when they got the news every dog owner dreads: Rocky, their beloved Yorkie, had gone missing while in the care of a pet sitter. It's not clear how the dog escaped. George Zeckler instructed the pet sitter to call local shelters inquiring after Rocky. Rocky had not been picked up.

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The photo the Zecklers used for their Craigslist ad about Rocky.

So the Zecklers turned to a more high-tech approach, a pay service called that calls neighbors and alerts them to a lost dog in their area. Rory Carolan, who owns a farm nearby, spotted Rocky on his property and tried to catch the little dog. He was unable to, but he called another neighbor, thinking the dog might be hers. It wasn't, but she'd received the FindToto call, so she put Zeckler in touch with Carolan.

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Another photo of Rocky.

The result was a string of events led to Rocky's return.

Zeckler, an Army veteran with 15 years of service, camped out on Carolan's farm (with the farm owner's permission). Even though Carolan offered Zeckler his couch, the determined dog owner believed he had a better chance of finding Rocky if he remained outside. The Jefferson community rallied around Rocky, posting physical as well as digital fliers to social media outlets. Someone offered Zeckler his four-wheeler, another offered to baby-sit Zeckler's children so his wife could help in the search.

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The fliers distributed to help find Rocky.

Then a tip came in with a Rocky sighting near a house by Carolan's farm. After five days on his own, Rocky was lured back into Zeckler's arms with a piece of chicken. 

An immediate trip to the vet confirmed that other than losing a little weight and getting a rash, Rocky was healthy.

And everyone is happy to be back together.

If this happened to you, what would you do to get your dog back?

Via Frederick News Post, photos via the Lost and Found Animals in and near Frederick County Maryland Facebook page


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