Local Thai Authorities Plan to Poison Street Dogs

 |  Mar 4th 2007  |   1 Contribution

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I can never understand how some people have such a greatness of heart to spend their lives helping street and rescue dogs. They are the best among us! Then you have local Chiang Mai, Thailand authorities such as the ones mentioned in this posting from Ally's Care for Dogs Diary. I understand there is great poverty and that hardens some people's hearts but to wantonly poison stray dogs, there must be some regression on the reincarnation ladder for that kind of behavior!

The reason Karin was not around today was that she was over at Maejo, Wat Vivek & Gasset Mai, doing her weekly feed of the dogs there. As I write this I received a call from her and I am still numb from what she has told me.

She visits Kachou market every week on her journey to Maejo and today she learned that in that area the local Orbitor (elected governor) is planning a street dog cull. Yes PLANNING ! It is said they have asked local residents to keep their own dogs in on a particular date and the local authorities will put poisoned meat down for the street dogs to eat, in order to kill the dogs.

Karin has spent much of her day talking with local people, talking with an animal friendly solicitor and trying to assess the numbers that are likely to be affected by this barbaric action.

Karin has been actively sterilising the dogs in this area for almost a year now and we are continuing to include dogs from this area every week in our program. Does this mean that despite sterilisation, these dogs will be killed? Do these people not understand that if you kill strays, more just move in to populate the same area, where as if you sterilise, the numbers reduce and there is not an influx of new dogs.

This is very bad news for Thailand, Chiang Mai, Dogs & Humanity


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