Live Chat With Dogster IM!

 |  Jan 28th 2007  |   2 Contributions

Want to chat live with other Dogsters? Now you can. You can now IM any Dogster who is online! Cool, huh?

Here's what HQ has to say about it:

Quick note to confirm that, yes, all logged-in members can now Instant Message any other logged-in member. Yippee!

To IM, go the homepage or your account page and click the link that says See Who Is Online to see your pals that are online.

Special shout to our Plus members and anyone that wants to join Plus:

Plus members have a more compact and flexible IM window that does show advertisements, ever.
Thanks to all Plussers that helped beta test. Getting access to new features before they go live is a special benefit we can offer to our Plus members.

To find out more about Dogster IM, follow this link.


Tip: Creating a profile and avatar takes just a minute and is a great way to participate in Dogster's community of people who are passionate about dogs.

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