Little Bit and a Lot of Heart

 |  Aug 26th 2006  |   25 Contributions

Little Bit

We all know there comes a time to say goodby and that time may be here for Little Bit and those who love her. She's lived a good life with good people and will leave good memories. My thoughts are with you Little Bit.

Thank you Kiko and Josie for letting us all know.

Kiko & Josie wrote:
Hey Joy, I'm sad to report that our much-loved Little Bit seems to be coming to the end of her battle with lymphoma. Yesterday she wrote in her diary that her next entry would probably be from her boss man after she had passed to the Rainbow Bridge. Will you please post this in the blog so that everydog who wants to can go to her page to give some love and support to her and her family? She has been such an inspiration to so many, and helped educate us about lymphoma and the options regarding treatment. She has fought long and hard, with the utmost dignity and grace. She is the definition of a class act,and it has been an honor to be her friend. We love you, Little Bit!!

Kiko, Josie and mom Janice


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