Life-Saving Dog Inducted Into Purina Animal Hall of Fame

 |  Apr 25th 2006  |   0 Contributions

Schmichael and family

The Toronto Star reports that the Husky/Rottweiller/German Shepherd mix Schmichael Giffin was inducted into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame for saving the lives of his family by alerting them to a fire that burned down their home and would have killed them.

Only 12-weeks-old at the time, Schmichael was in a carrier in the parent's room. He began crying and when Dan Giffin got up to comfort the puppy, he discovered that smoke was pouring from the barn. Thanks to Schmichael, everyone including the wife, three children, co-canine Daisy and three cats, was able to escape.

The Giffin's lives have changed.

The Giffins have since rebuilt their home on the same land. The dogs will get new pens but will continue to sleep inside the house at night.

Dan is also opening his first restaurant called Schmichaels Take Out Caf. after a family vote. to name the restaurant registered a unanimous vote.

You never know when your numbers up," said Dan. It is humbling and Schmichael made me realize that. Now I am following my dreams."

BTW, the Giffin's got Schmichael after their children persisted in bugging them for another dog. I guess those parents are glad they listened, eh?


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