As we recently reported, Let’s Ask America is a new breed of TV game show that lets contestants win money from home. Because Dogster readers prefer to participate while stationed on the sofa with their favorite couch hounds, the show has announced the winner of its nationwide canine mascot star search.

He’s a Parson Russell Terrier named Buster “Cash” Brown. Buster was rescued off the streets, right near owner Amber Brown’s apartment in Long Beach, CA. When she discovered him in October 2010, the 6-month-old was an extremely skinny puppy.

Now a strapping, mediagenic 2-year-old, Buster wins a trip to the Los Angeles set of the show with Amber, plus a professional photo shoot with Let’s Ask America host Kevin Pereira. Buster will also appear on the program throughout the season.

Want to be a contestant? Fill out an application at the show’s website.

Watch a clip here:

Let’s Ask America premieres Monday, September 17, on Scripps Television stations. Check for your local listings.