Lazy Dog Walker Loses Driver's License

 |  Mar 2nd 2010  |   39 Contributions

Laziness knows no boundaries. This dog is being walked clear across the pond from England, where the dog "walker" in the story below lost his license, thanks to a similar act of sloth.

Talking on the cell phone while driving? Not the best idea. Texting? Way worse. But walking your dog while driving? There ought to be a law!

Turns out there is. Paul Railton, of England, has lost his license because he got three points added to his driving record for "not being in proper control of his vehicle," according to a UPI story. He was going only 5 mph on a very quiet street, but he 'fessed up to the charge, which put his points -- already teetering at 9 -- in the lose-your-license limit.

Railton won't be allowed to drive for six months. That's good news for his dog. And even Railton is trying to look on the bright side. "I might save myself some money not having a car."


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