Last Chance To Win DNA Test!

 |  Dec 7th 2008  |   4 Contributions

Don't miss out on your chance to win a Wisdom Panel MX, a DNA test from Mars Veterinary. The contest ends Monday, December 8th at Midnight PST.

Over 38 million people own a mixed-breed dog. One simple dog DNA test at your veterinarian's office reveals the untold story of its ancestry.

Separate FACT From FICTION:

With Wisdom Panel MX, mixed-breed dogs will receive the most reliable DNA breed test available.

* Blood-based sampling, scientifically proven to provide the highest quality DNA analysis
* Detecting 157 different AKC breeds (incl. 4 Foundation Breeds) and counting
* Proprietary algorithm providing 90% accuracy
* Backed by a decade of peer-reviewed veterinarian science research on dog genetics
* Detailed report illustrating your dog's heritage,
revealing breed traits and characteristics

If you want to enter go to the original post, you'll see 3 pictures of the same dog and you need to guess what breeds are in him for a chance to win.

HINT:The dog actually has five breeds in him, some you'll definitely need to think outside the box. I'm going to give you one, so you'll only have four left to figure out.

He is part Chow Chow, in the middle picture shown on the original post you'll notice the black tongue. The picture isn't very clear so it's only fair I give you that one.

So there you have it, one down and four to go.


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