Laika, First Dog In Space

 |  Nov 4th 2009  |   89 Contributions

laikax-wide-communityIt was 52 years ago to the day yesterday that Laika became the first creature sent into space.

She was a stray dog in Moscow, picked off the streets to be used in a history making event when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 2 with her in it.

Here are the details from the Paw Print Post on USA Today.

Laika and two other dogs, Albina and Mushka, underwent training prior to launch, including high-altitude flights and being kept in smaller and smaller cages. Laika was not just her name, but also what Russians called a northern breed known for their endurance.

Unfortunately, Laika died within hours of the launch from overheating and stress. Do you think it was alright that she was used in science? Give me a bark.

* Pic courtesy Associated Press


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