Lady And The Milk-Bone

 |  Nov 28th 2008  |   8 Contributions

Dogster member Lady is one of the finalists in the Milk-Bone SpokesDog contest.

Some exciting news about our Lady. Lady, our 4 year old pup has been chosen as 1 of 100 finalists, out of tens of thousands of entries across the U.S.

We entered a photo contest using the picture posted, Lady and our now 3 year old son. Finalists were based on a Best Moment with Pet & Companion. The winner will be Milk-Bone's first ever SpokesDog in their 100 year history.

The voting is over, but you can still check out the Milk-Bone Moments finalists gallery. The winner will be announced on or around January 8, 2009.

Congratulations and good luck Lady!


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