Kiev Woman Lives in Abandoned House to Help Over 70 Dogs She Has Rescued from Streets

 |  Jul 11th 2007  |   6 Contributions


There are some situations that speak to your soul. This is one of those.

Here is a woman who has done much more than most of us to protect and care for the dogs who need her. I hope that some organization sees this post or another about her and steps in to help her set up a proper shelter. Its the very least that she and her rescues deserve.

Thanks to English for this post.

This lady from Kiev is probably the only one who cares about the lost dogs on the streets of this city. She has a small flat but doesnt live there because she cannot find there place for all her 70+ dogs she picked up on the streets of Kiev. Instead, she lives in the abandoned house with all her dogs and a few homeless people. There is no electricity or heating system in this house but its big enough for all the dogs so she decided to live there and only rare times she visits her flat for some rare shower. Every weekends she visits the Kiev downtown to collect money for the needs of the dogs and some homeless people that live together with her and with her dogs. She dreams that someday shell find somebody wealthy who would understand her needs and would donate enough for her to get the electricity to the house and to buy enough food. Probably this would never happen.

Please follow this link to see more photos.


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