Kentucky Dog Takes Himself to Vet After He Gets Hurt

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Wow! What a really smart dog!

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CORBIN, KY -- A clever canine in Kentucky sought out his own medical care by limping to a local veterinarian's office after getting hit by a car, according to a Local 6 News report.

The 6-year-old dog, Scooby, ran away from his owners when his collar ring snapped during a recent thunderstorm. As he was running across a road a vehicle hit him, injuring his leg and tail.

Scooby then somehow walked miles to a local animal clinic and was waiting on the doorstep when employees arrived for work.

"He obviously knew this was the place to get help," Scooby's owner Shirley Farris said. "There are subdivisions with hundreds and hundreds of houses between me and the vets office, there are three lanes and there is a mini mall. How he knew to take himself to the vet, I don't know."

Workers said Scooby followed them inside and walked straight into the operating room.

His owner called the vet to tell him she'd lost her dog and was amazed to learn he had taken himself to the right place.

Everyone involved is amazed at Scooby's ability not only to find his way through yards and across roads, but with an injury.

"Scientists will like to say it was the barking and the smell," Corbin Animal Clinic Dr. Gerald Majors said. "But we'd like to think he was smart enough to be here. He's been here a few times, he is smart, he knew us."

Scooby is expected to recover from his injuries.

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