Karaoke Dangerous To Your Dog's Health

 |  Oct 21st 2008  |   13 Contributions

While technology is great, according to a new survey in Britain it can be dangerous to our pets health. The survey was done by Petplan using 3,000 animal owners.

It found that a number of pet owners are unwilling to take responsibility for an accident, saying the animal was the cause. Over a third blamed the pet for eating something it shouldn't have, another third blamed their animals for getting hurt while jumping off furniture.

A number of strange incidents were revealed through the survey. There was a cat who singed her whiskers when sniffing a candle and a dog who swallowed a pair of knickers.

The survey also included owners of guinea pigs, rabbits, reptiles, birds and cats. All of whom are potentially at risk from 21st century toys.

Top 10 Gadgets Most Likely To Injure Pets

1. iPod (15 per cent)

2. Laptop (10.8 per cent)

3. Remote Control (10.8 per cent)

4. Plasma TV (10.8 per cent)

5. Wii (10 per cent)

6. DVD Player (10 per cent)

7. Playstation (8.3 per cent)

8. Nintendo DS (5.8 per cent)

9. Mobile Phone (5.8 per cent)

10. Karaoke Machine (5.8 per cent)

Interesting, but the article doesn't say exactly how these items caused injury. It does make one wonder how a pet is injured by a karaoke machine, maybe the owner's singing was the cause.


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