K9 Magazine Reports Poodle-ized Sheep Sold as Designer Dogs

 |  May 6th 2007  |   4 Contributions

Poodle Sheep.jpg

Okay Paris Hilton, just try getting one of these "designer dogs" in your purse!

Thanks to the ever-amusing and informative K9 Magazine for this article.

Designer Dog Craze 'Baah-ck' Fires

Thousands of wealthy dog owners have had the wool pulled over their eyes when they were conned into buying sheep that they were told were actually miniature Poodles.

The women, most of whom were Japanese were conned by an internet scam who preyed on their lack of knowledge about sheep and their desire to have the latest 'designer pet'.

Bizarrely, the scam was only uncovered when a famous Japanese movie star who had been duped complained on television that her new 'dog' wouldn't bark.

It is feared that over 2,000 people had fallen for the scam, paying upwards of 600 for the sheep, before the company was closed down.

People's desire to have the latest designer dogs has been exploited in the past. In 2001 K9 Magazine launched a spoof website advertising rare "Bengal Chihuahuas" in order to highlight the downside of designer dogs. Sadly, one man in South Africa took the spoof seriously and offered K9 Magazine a huge sum of cash to be the first to own the anatomically impossible pet.


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