Just IN!!! ---ASPCA Stroll Winners

 |  Apr 11th 2006  |   0 Contributions

We now have the results of the ASPCA stroll. Congratulations to all of you!


Meatball wrote:
Hi Joy & fellow bloggers, its Meaty again.

I just wanted to pass along the list of prize winners in the " Go orange for animals" stroll & contest.
I was surprised and impressed at the sheer number of you that participated. I thank you & I'm sure the ASPCA thanks you too. My Mom ~~ maybe not so much because she says we're responsible for more than a few grey hairs. BOL.

We had to call in help because it was just too hard to choose. So, after many hours of staring at orange, I am even more cross eyed than everbut pleased to announce the prize winners.

They are as follows:

1st~ Wallace~ 167700 (shown above)

2nd~ Winnie & Howie Wigglepants~212757 (shown below)

3rd~ Yippy~242553

4th~ Marlowe~76103

5th~ Ginger~23661

6th~ Jane~242966

7th ~ Champ~129614


9th ~ Beatrix~158977

10th ~ Badger Hunters Little Smokie~140719

11th~ Xena~196415

12th~Bailey 'Bama Dog~ 255905

13th~ Boudreaux~241573


15th ~ Reign~ 145730

Congratulations everywoof !

Winners will be p-mailed individually about prizes later today. Rosettes to be delivered shortly.

A complete listing with clickable links are available in the Plus, Other Barks and Woofs, and Who is feeling silly forums as well as the Naughty Pup Club.

Way to go Dogsters !

Thanks to Meaty and all the others who got this stroll going!

Howie and Winnie


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