Julianne's Sad Puppy Dog Tale

 |  Aug 22nd 2006  |   1 Contribution

Julianne Moore and family

Julianne Moore, husband Bart Freundlich and son Cal are at the Chelsea West Cinemas for the premiere of the movie 'Trust the Man.' He wrote and directed the film.

Sadly, it looks like actress Julianne Moore has learned the hard way not to buy pet store (and puppy mill) puppies. My sympathies to her family. This article and picture come from the New York Daily News.

There were tears in the Julianne Moore household after the family's new puggle puppy died of distemper after just three weeks. And the actress isn't pleased with the Brooklyn pet store that sold her the ailing pooch.

"Julianne and the kids were very upset," says a source. "She called the store to complain after hearing others from her dog's litter suffered the same fate, but the store denied responsibility."

A manager at Puppy Paradise on Flatbush Ave. confirmed Moore bought her dog there, but told us he didn't know it had died. He denied any of their dogs were sick.

However, Moore soon found a way to put smiles back on the faces of Caleb, 8, and Liv, 4, her children with director-husband Bart Freundlich.

The family now has a 7-month-old terrier/Labrador mix named Cherry, which they bought from a breeder.


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