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 |  Apr 10th 2006  |   0 Contributions


Dogsters are so busy I can't keep up with everything in our groups. So I really appreciate it when somebody writes in to let me know what is going on. Last week I mentioned the new book club starting up but YiIPpY (to the left) was good enough to write in and let me know there's already one book club up and reading, JOPRAH's Book Club (Doggie Books Rule! The best reading for woofs and their hoomans Joprah and friends pick their favorite doggie related books and then mail them around from woof to woof.)


YIPpY wrote:
I saw your blog about the book club in forums, and just thought you'd be interested in a Dogster Group that's already formed! It's "JOPRAH'S Book Club", started by Jay-Jay (to the right). It began in Dogster+ as a thread about a Marley & Me book chain. We're sending the book through the mail to each other... making the way down the chain of members! You should check it out!

Absolutely! Every chance I get to put in a plug for reading, I'm there!

Thanks YIPpY!


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