Join the Chant for Dogster Hayley

 |  Oct 18th 2006  |   6 Contributions


When one Dogster hurts, you can bet there are other Dogsters hurting with her!

Thanks to Eddie Essig (aka Eddie Frankenstein until Halloween) for barking in about the Stroll for Dogster Hayley!

Let's all chant together, "makedoggiesick demons be gone!"

Hi Joy,

I was wondering if you could help in anyway possible with this. One of our Dogster pals, Hayley, suddenly took ill over the weekend. She is in the Veterinary Specialty Hospital of San Diego in ICU fighting for her life, and it does not look very promising. Her diary outlines the events of her illness, so I won't ditto it here. Snoop Doggs has started a photo stroll for her and have tagged the photos Chant for Hayley and we are all chanting "makedoggiesick demons be gone!"

Her brother crossed the Bridge not a month ago, and now this. Her parents are at wits end. So if you could post something somewhere that would show our Dogster support for her, I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you so much for always being a help,

Eddie Essig and Pack

Update -- Dogster Hayley went to the Rainbow Bridge on October 22nd. Our thoughts are with her furparents. Please read her Diary for more information.


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