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We have a lot of great dogs and humans here at Dogster! Sometimes, everybody needs a little help and that includes a Dogster. Recently, one well-respected and loved Dogster, Jod'si human mom, who is known for saving fur friends through her sanctuary in Oregon, Jodidogs, has faced some personal and financial reversals. She is being forced to close her shelter and immediately find homes for all her rescued pets.

Jodidogs--Anna pup

Well you know Dogsters! They can't just stand or sit by and let one of their own flounder. So they've set up Jodi Fund, Support and Ideas to help Jodi's mom and her rescued pets. For more information, visit the Jodi Fund Group or the Petfinder site which lists the dogs and cats who need homes now and other ways to help.

Here's some info about Jodidogs from their Petfinder page.

Jodidogs --Emily

Who We Are
Jodidogs is a small, sanctuary-type rescue on 16 acres. The animals are socialized and we work on some basic training. We take all types of animals based on need and careful screening. Each of our dogs and cats was on the euthanasia list at a shelter. We specialize in socialization and owner education, making sure each adoption is a match in personality, experience, and energy level.

So here's your chance to actually help one of our own! I'm looking forward to hearing that Jodi's mom gets back on her feet and back to rescuing dogs and cats again in Oregon! While that's Jodi at the top of the post, the other three dogs are just a few of the furbabies who currently need forever homes.

Jodidogs -- Gentle Ben


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