J.J. And Jessie Post-Katrina Reunion

 |  Jun 3rd 2009  |   5 Contributions

Although it's been four year since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans residents are still feeling the effects. Two of them are J.J. and Jessie Pullins.

Jessie Pullins left his beloved dog J.J. in the house when he evacuated, placing him in a secured area with higher elevation and proper provisions for a day or two. Unfortunately, Jessie was not allowed back to the house and eventually J.J. was saved by an animal rescue group.

An animal rescue group saved J.J. from the home, but despite noting the address he was taken from, the dog was shuffled between different animal groups before he was put up for adoption in California.

Pullins said J.J. had already been adopted by the time he tracked the dog down, but he entered a legal battle with the help of the Katrina Animal Reunion Team and a California lawyer who took on the case free of charge.

The legal wrangling ended recently when the woman who adopted J.J. decided to return him to his original owner.

Pullins said he has no hard feelings toward the woman for initially resisting his attempts to get J.J. back.

"Everybody falls in love with J.J. He's lovable. I don't fault them."

Four years later J.J. and Jessie have finally been reunited, what a journey they've been through.

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