Jim Willis Interview -- Day 5

 |  Jan 29th 2008  |   0 Contributions


Welcome back for the last installment of the interview with Jim Willis, noted author and animal protector. You can read more from Jim at his website.

Today, Jim wraps up his interview by telling us about what he's working on for the future.

Joy: What are your plans for the future?

Jim: Im working on another book that I hope will come out later this year. Writing about animals while caring for animals can be slow going. The first book has come out in several languages in other countries and Id like to continue doing so. I think its very important to be part of a global effort and to learn about how other countries deal with their animal issues. Im very committed, as you are, to the education effort and I know I will always participate as I can.

I dont have the funds to create a sanctuary, but I still entertain the idea of some small effort one day. Wolves are a passion of mine and they present one of the saddest animal rescue needs in this country. There arent enough qualified refuges to accept those who are seized by authorities or abandoned, and private ownership and breeding of them must be made illegal everywhere. Currently, Im urging support of the PAW Act, which will protect some wildlife species and prevent Alaska and some other states from aerial killing of wolves. I hope everyone will contact their Congressional representatives and guarantee their support of the act.

Ill always continue rescuing, fostering and placing one animal at a time. I enjoy the company of my animals so much that I couldnt imagine a life without them and I know Ill always do what I can to prevent animals from being considered disposable.

Thanks to Jim for a great interview and thanks to you for joining us!


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