Jerusalem Man Jailed for 25 Days for Walking Dog Off Leash

 |  Dec 14th 2009  |   7 Contributions

no-off-leashYou think your town is strict when it comes to leash ordinances? Try walking your dog off leash in Jerusalem. Prize-winning documentary filmmaker Vadim Antonevich did just that, and he was cuffed, shackled, and thrown in jail. He's now he's serving 25 days in prison for the heinous crime of letting his dog walk leash free.

According to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Antonevich was walking his dog without a leash when a municipal inspector stopped him and fined him. Antonevich protested, and the inspector fined him more for "obstructing the work of a municipal inspector." In municipal court, the judge gave the Antonevich two choices: Pay even more of a fine, or spend a minimum of 25 days in jail.

Antonevich was apparently in the process of negotiating the fine two days before he would have to serve his sentence when he was summoned to the police station. He explained the situation, but police immediately arrested him. And not just an Andy Griffith "Go ahead into the cell, Otis." They locked him in handcuffs and footcuffs (shackles?) before escorting him to prison, according to the newspaper.

That's a hefty price to pay for letting your dog enjoy a little off-leash romp. Jake and I think we'll scratch Jerusalem off our list of places to visit together.


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