Japanese Dog Rescued After Six Days on Mountain

 |  Nov 23rd 2006  |   0 Contributions

Sounds like a great idea for dog movie! This news article comes from AFP and Yahoo News.

Daring dog rescue captures Japan's heart

TOKYO (AFP) - A stray dog trapped for six days on a mountain slope has become a national darling in Japan after its four-hour rescue operation was aired live on television.

The almond-colored mongrel somehow found itself stuck 70 meters (230 feet) high on a concrete railing supporting a mountain slope on the southwestern island of Shikoku.

Hundreds of residents gathered and major networks broadcast live as 17 firefighters, some on top of the slope and others underneath, tried to catch the dog.

The frightened mutt ran away from handheld nets, leading firefighters to provoke it to fall into a net set up underneath. The mesmerized crowd gasped and then broke into applause.

"It was difficult at first. Since it was a wild dog, it wasn't used to humans and was afraid of them approaching," said a fire department official in Tokushima prefecture.

"We spread a net beneath the dog's location, and when we tried to catch it from the side with our nets, the dog was so surprised that he jumped and fell into the net below," he said by telephone.

The dog is now receiving care at an animal shelter -- and starred on the front page of evening editions of national newspapers.

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