It's Puppy Week On Dogster

 |  Jan 31st 2005  |   0 Contributions

So we’ve gone puppy crazy around here and all week it’s gonna be puppy madness. We’ve got Puppy of the Week, Puppy of the Day, Daily Puppy Diaries and special puppy-only strolls. Heck you can now ever used the advanced search to add a puppy requirement to all your searches. Which are your favorites?

And the pup mania only grows to a bang with Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl! Catch it Sunday Feb. 6, starting at 3 pm ET and all night long! View all the puppy athletes and vote for the MVP throughout the week!!

So that all ads up to some pup-tastic ways to spend your week! Who’s a good puppy? Who’s a puppy! You are! Yes, you are! Woof!


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