It's OK To Be Bad

 |  Dec 19th 2008  |   6 Contributions

Our good friends at Bamboo, they gave us all those cool Fat Cat toys, are having a fun contest on

Is your pup bad enough to win? They're looking for the funniest bad dog story, the winner will get a prize package filled with goodies.

One PRIZE winner will receive package containing: 1 (one) package of Water Bottle Crunchers dog toys ($10.00 ARV); 1 (one) package of Rubber Neckers dog toys ($10.00 ARV); 1 (one) Big Piggy dog toy ($11.00 ARV); 1 (one) QuadBrush canine toothbrush ($5.00 ARV); 1 (one) FurBuster dog grooming kit ($25.00 ARV); 1 (one) canine pedicure set ($13.00 ARV); 1 (one) feeding bowl ($9.00 ARV).

C'mon Dogsters, I know you have some great stories. We had so many funny entries when we had the You're A Very Dirty Dog contest it was very hard to choose, now you have another chance to win. You can enter the contest up until January 15, 2009. Go to to get the full details and an entry form.

To kickoff the New Year here at Dogster we're going to be teaming up again with Bamboo. We'll be having a contest with 5 days of giveaways!


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