It's A Dog's Life

 |  Jul 15th 2008  |   0 Contributions

The old adage "It's a dog's life" really is true when it comes to the following article.

A GOLD Coast couple have spent $70,000 on a legal dogfight to ensure their pampered pooch Bernie can keep living the high life in Southport.

The fur is about to fly.

Bente and Warren Tutton have shared a $4.5 million 38th-floor sub-penthouse with their "gorgeous" maltese shih tzu for the past three years.

So when Pivotal Point's body corporate banned animals last year, the Tuttons went into battle for Bernie and the rights of pet owners in the tower.

No one likes to have the rules changed after the game has started.

"This was about our rights . . . and Bernie's," Mr Tutton said. "Most people would have given up. They wouldn't have spent $70,000. We felt so strongly it was wrong, it was worth doing."

While I may be short about $69,900 I would have used whatever resources I had to make sure my best friend wasn't going to be kicked out of his home.

"No dog owner would leave their pet behind if they could afford it," she said.

Find out if Bernie is living the high life or in the dog house.


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