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Ginger is pooped from this taxing work. She must be itemizing things this year. (Photo: Pawfect Match Rescue)

We all know there are only two sure things in life: Dogs and taxes. Or something like that. With only a few days left until the deadline for filing your taxes for 2009, you may want to consider whether your dog can be a deduction.

For most people dogs aren’t legitimate deductions. Legislation slowly making its way through Congress (HR 3501 The HAPPY Act) may change this so people can deduct up to $3500 in pet medical expenses. But until that happens, there are still a few areas where dog expenses are tax deductible. People with guide dogs and certain service dogs may qualify, as may people whose dogs are a major part of their income. But rules are always changing, so talk to your tax preparer. If your dog can help you keep a little of your hard-earned money, then score another point for human’s best friend!

(Are there any tax experts in our Dogster audience? If so, we’d love to hear from you about this matter.)