Irish Greyhound Racers Giving Dogs Cocaine and Amphetamines

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Good grief! Is the cocaine that cheap or are the money prizes so big at these tracks to make it an option to coke up the dogs?

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Greyhound owners giving dogs cocaine
Last Updated: 10/10/2007

Greyhound owners are feeding their dogs cocaine and illegal amphetamines to win at tracks throughout Ireland.

The first report of a new independent doping watchdog has uncovered the use of the banned class A drugs as well as prescription medicines.

Two owners were given fines and cautions earlier this year after dogs tested positive for cocaine traces at races in Dundalk and Lifford, Co Donegal.

Although the races were at tracks in the Republic, the owners were both from Northern Ireland, according to the Irish government-appointed Control Committee report.

The two men were among eight greyhound owners and trainers in the North and another six in the Republic identified for using banned substance at races.

The committee was set up this year by the Irish government as a body independent of Bord na gCon, the Irish Greyhound Board, to oversee doping sanctions.

It is made up of five independent people including a qualified solicitor or barrister and a veterinarian.

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