Insuring Fido's Safety

 |  May 26th 2009  |   16 Contributions

Would you switch your auto insurance to another company if they offered coverage for your dog? A few insurance companies decided to think outside the box in order to attract the millions of dog lovers out there.

Progressive was the first insurance company to offer pet auto insurance back in 2007. Originally they offered $500 worth of coverage but in March increased it to $1,000.

Saikou and Kozette are as safe as dogs can be when they go for car rides. The border collie and boxer are always strapped in tight, says Lonnie Olson, 55, of St. Helen, Mich.

Still, Olson says, when she heard that the auto insurance policies offered by Progressive now include coverage for pets injured in vehicle crashes, she decided to move her business to the company.

"Any company that supported animals like that, I wanted to support," she says. "I just hope I never have to use it."

At least four U.S. auto insurers have added - at no extra cost to customers - coverage of $500 to $1,000 for pets injured or killed in car accidents.

If you don't have an insurance company that covers your pet in case of a car accident you can file a claim under property damage. However, what a company considers legitimate property damage may very well not include pet injuries. There's a good chance the claim will be denied.

Give me a bark, what do you think about insurance companies covering pets under auto policies?

* Mr. Tribble enjoying a car ride.


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