Indiana Puppy Mill Owner Surrenders to Police After Ending Armed Stand-Off

 |  Dec 30th 2006  |   7 Contributions

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Hearty tail wags and happy barks to the police who broke up this puppy mill!!!!

This article comes from The Indy

Police: Dog-Neglect Suspect Surrenders, Ending Standoff
Authorities: Woman Showed Gun After Officers Tried To Take Animals

LAWRENCE, Ind. -- A Lawrence woman suspected of neglecting dogs surrendered to police Monday after a three-hour-long standoff in which she threatened to use a gun and kept officers from entering the home, authorities said.

The woman was arrested at the home, located in the 8700 block of East 46th Street, sometime between 4 and 4:30 p.m, police said. She was identified as Sharon Aultman, 52.

Police and animal control officers had gone to the home at about 1 p.m. to serve a search warrant and confiscate the dogs, but Aultman refused to answer the door, authorities said. The woman eventually threatened to use a gun if the officers didn't back off, authorities told 6News' Tanya Spencer.

Police said they tried negotiating with Aultman before calling a SWAT team at about 3 p.m.

At one point, Aultman stepped through a second-story window and went onto her porch's roof and talked to police, 6News video showed. At other times, she stood in her doorway while holding the weapon, according to police.

Authorities said the dogs, many of which were caged outside the home, were neglected, malnourished and living in deplorable conditions.

After Aultman surrendered, animal control officers confiscated 19 dogs, many of which were Great Danes, authorities said.

Authorities said the dogs were neglected, malnourished and living in deplorable conditions. Many were caged outside the home, police said.

Police said Aultman had been breeding dogs for years and had repeatedly refused to comply with orders to get rid of some of them and clean up her home.

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