Indian Police Dogs Get Pensions

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Chennai dogs to get retirement benefits!

By Jaikumar

Chennai, July 29: Eleven-year-old Ponni, a Dobberman, and nine-year-old Oscar, a Labarador, who served Chennai Police squad as sniffer dogs, will not be spending their post-retirement days as domestic pets akin to their former colleagues, for they will get a daily maintenance compensation of rupees 44.

Both will now be leading a new relaxed life with long morning and evening walks, courtesy the Tamil Nadu government's new retirement plan for the highly trained dogs that has made the difference.

Dharmaraj, Deputy Commissioner of Police in Chennai, said: "The government has issued an order stating that these dogs should not auctioned. Rather, they should be kept in the concerned kennel, in the dog squad itself."

The two, the first duo under the new scheme, would get an annual pension rupees 18,860 (468 dollars) per year, which includes rupees 44 (about one dollar) a day for meal, rupees 200 (about five dollars) towards grooming charges and 400 (about 10 dollars) for vaccination.

The two gold-medallist duo would now lead a peaceful life in the same home, where they were brought up and trained, perhaps keeping an eye over the new recruits.

Ponni and Oscar would also get free medical check-up every three months along with the other dogs of the kennels.

John, a police inspector with the dog squad, said: "During retirement period, these dogs need not do any training or be on duty. But in the morning and evening we take them out for a walk. We do not keep them idle."

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