Indian Dogs Participate in Daily Devotions at Kali Temple

 |  Jul 5th 2007  |   1 Contribution

Fascinating! I would love to see this!

Do any Dogsters know more about these dogs? Please bark in!

Thanks to The Times of India for this story.

Dogs join rituals at Bihar temple

PATNA: Call it just routine or karmic theory coming to life, dozens of dogs have for over four decades been religiously queuing up twice a day outside a Bihar temple - just in time for the daily services.

The dogs have been a constant ever since 1965 when the Kali temple in Buxar town, about 125 km from Patna, was built.

"It may be a surprise for outsiders but not for us as the dogs have been doing this for over 40 years," said Omprakash Pandey, a priest in the temple.

"These dogs have been joining the prayers without a miss ever since 1965 when the temple came up," he added.

Added a devotee, Mahavir Singh: "At the time of prayers in the temple when devotees perform different rituals, blowing a conch or chanting hymns, dozens of dogs join by barking with their heads up."

The dogs, locals added, are mostly strays and visit the temple in the morning and in the evening just before the artis. They are also given prasad by the devotees.


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