Indian Doglovers March Against Cruelty to Stray Dogs

 |  Mar 27th 2007  |   0 Contributions

Let's all keep these friends of dogs in our thoughts.

Thanks to Kolkata Newsline for this article.

Animal lovers march for stray dogs

Express News Service

Kolkata, March 25: It was a different procession in sight in the Lake Market area today as dog lovers in the city marched to protest against cruelty towards stray dogs.

Dog culling in Bangalore prompted us to come together to condemn the cruel act," said Radhika Bose, general secretary of Animal Relief and Care Society (ARCS). ARCS efforts were backed by Mothers Heart and Maitri Veterinary Clinic organisations dedicated to the cause of stray dogs.

The success of the walk could be gauged by the huge turnout of pet lovers, a number of whom joined the march along with their pets. The message went out loud and clear. Beware of Man. He kills" - declared one of the banners carried by the participants.

A team of Tollywood celebrities led the march from Deshapriya Park to Lake Friends Club to promote adoption and sterilisation of stray dogs. The organisers also displayed abandoned pets for adoption.


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