I'll Take 27 To Go, Dogs That Is

 |  Dec 19th 2008  |   7 Contributions

Here is a rather strange story about a woman who lives in Sparks, NV. Colleen Spalioni was devastated after losing her two-year-old Pointer Barney, he was killed by a car in November.

Her husband was out of town so Spalioni took a little road trip, to a nearby shelter. Actually, it was more like a 6 hour road trip to a shelter in Delano, CA. She ended up there after looking online trying to find a dog that looked like Barney and found the Dogsindanger.com website, they post photos of the dogs and how long they have left until being euthanized.

After finding her Barney look-a-like Spalioni took off for the shelter, things took a bit on an unexpected turn when she got there.

But when she arrived, her heart took over, and she ended up bringing home 27 dogs that were about to be killed, including 10 Chihuahua mixes, one purebred Chihuahua, a Jack Russell, a poodle, two shepherd mixes, two miniature pinschers and an Australian cattle dog mix.

"I didn't realize so many animals were dying every day until I saw it with my own eyes," she said.

She said animal control officers helped her and her traveling companion load the dogs in her pickup. Some fit in the cab, the others rode in the truck bed with a down blanket and a tarp over the top.

I can totally understand how she felt, there's nothing worse than going in a shelter and only being able to leave with one dog. However, what were the shelter workers thinking when they were packing up her 27 new family members? I realize they were probably happy the dogs wouldn't be put down, but didn't they find this situation a bit odd? When we adopted Logan we filled out so much paperwork I think it would have been easier to adopt a child from China.

When Colleen Spalioni got home her neighbors weren't nearly as excited as she was. They weren't happy about the noise, and the fact she had 24 dogs over the local three dog ordinance. Her story got posted on a newspaper blog which helped her get all but four of the dogs adopted. She was trying to get the last four into new homes before her husband got back home. "I learned my lesson. I promise I won't do this again," Spalioni said.

They say things happen for a reason, and maybe so, if it weren't for Colleen Spalioni all those dogs may have been put down. Thanks to her most of them have new homes for the holidays.

* The pic is from a playdate Logan had with Dogster member Athens.


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