IAMS Tartar Treats? — Pro or Con?

Is this the new Greenie? Henry barked in about an IAMS product. Has anyone else had any problems with Tarter Treats? Hello, My adorable Yorkshire...

Joy  |  Aug 31st 2006

Is this the new Greenie? Henry barked in about an IAMS product. Has anyone else had any problems with Tarter Treats?


My adorable Yorkshire Terrier, Ziggy, ate a Tartar Treats (to clean teeth) from the dog company IAMS and began vomiting a few hours later. I believe now that a Tartar Treat was stuck in his small intestine. We have had three visits to the vet and many tests to find out why he has been vomiting for the last month but to no avail. An ultrasound finally confirmed a blockage and our dog had it removed 5 days ago by surgery. Because of this blockage he had to have his gall bladder removed.

IAMS has pictures of this 4 inch length obstruction that I sent them. It looks like a rubbery piece of bacon the same color as a Tartar Treat and with 6 curved parts, the same number of teeth as a Tartar Treat . IAMS won’t confirm it is theirs and are indicating it is not from the pictures I sent them. They want me to send it to them, I’m concerned because it is the only proof I have. Should we send half of it? We love Ziggy and he has suffered greatly in the last month and would like to know if this has happened to others and possibly have IAMS put out a warning on their product?

Our bills are about $2,400 so far not including grief and misery for a month. We are stuck and don’t know what to do.

Do I need a lawyer? Is it worth using a lawyer? Thank-you.

Henry Kaszel

Can any Dogsters help Henry and Ziggy?

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