I Just Can't Get Enough Follow-Up

 |  Oct 21st 2008  |   0 Contributions

On September 5th I posted I Just Can't Get Enough, a video put together by Sabrina and her colleagues who work for an advertising agency.

Her office decided to see how creative its staff was by putting on a Video Film Festival and Contest. The winner of the most watched video would receive a prize of $1,000.

If they won they were going to donate the $1,000 to the Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA, the state's oldest and largest no-kill shelter.

The video featured an adorable group of singing Rhodesian Ridgebacks. It is a parody of a Gap commercial, using dogs to lip sync to the words of Depeche Mode's "I Just Can't Get Enough".

The day of our shoot arrived and the dogs were bathed, brushed and made ready for the camera. We came into the Park&Co offices armed with peanut butter, carrots, cookies and yummy snacks with a good crunch'. We built a very simple set and our good friend Howie Meyer, also a dog lover, started shooting. After a fun morning and several jars of Skippy later, it was in the can....

I received a message from Sabrina yesterday sharing the good news that her team had won the prize, and now the Arizona Animal Welfare League will be $1000 richer.

Our team of 4 had grown tenfold and our viewings surged ahead, and after a 4-week posting, we ended up with 8350 clicks, with our nearest competition over 7000 clicks behind us!

We had won! Our $1000 will be donated to the Arizona Animal Welfare League/SPCA the state's oldest and largest no-kill shelter which provides temporary homes for nearly 2,000 dogs and cats every year and offers medical and behavioral treatment for those in need.

Thank you to all our friends, family and the animal lovers who helped us with this great cause. And thank you Park, for the idea of the Film Festival which facilitated this donation. We are sincerely grateful.

We were thrilled to hear that Sabrina and group had won and were so generous to donate their money to such a great organization.


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