Hurricane Ike Is Bearing Down: Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe

 |  Sep 12th 2008  |   3 Contributions

It look likes Hurricane Ike could do some major damage, it's a huge storm and approaching quickly. I found a great article on by Kathy Santo, a professional dog trainer, on tips she uses to keep her canine family members safe.

1. Have a Pet Survival Kit Packed and Ready This includes a two-week supply of dry food and medication (if needed), water, bags to pick up after your dog, and cleaning supplies in case of an accident!

Be sure to include leashes, bowls, your dog's favorite blanket and toys, a waterproof-sealed (laminated) picture of your pet (if your dog gets lost you can make copies for a flyer), up-to-date medical records, photo-copy of all tags, microchip information, and a list of emergency phone numbers (vet, local animal shelters that will house dogs in an emergency, and friends of relatives.)

2. BEFORE a hurricane threatens, research which hotels in and out of your area will accept pets. Store this information in or near your Pet Survival Kit.

3. Make sure your dog has all the necessary training to be a well-behaved companion. A solid "Come", "Stay" and "Heel" command are essential for keeping your dog safe in unfamiliar circumstances.

4. Now is the time to teach your dog that it's fun to travel and visit strange new places. A dog who's used to adventures will be far less stressed than one who never leaves his home or yard except for yearly vet visits!"

The Humane Society of the United States is already in Texas prepared to aid the evacuation of animals out of the path of Hurricane Ike.

A special thanks to the team of disaster services staff and volunteers who put themselves in danger to make sure our pets are kept safe.

Because of them, we don't need to put ourselves in danger to help out. Simply making a tax deductible donation, to the Disaster Relief Fund, would be a tremendous way to aid in this effort.


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