Hungarian Dog Death Camp Closed

 |  Mar 13th 2006  |   0 Contributions

The horrendous dog breeding operation in Sopron, Hungary has been closed and 156 dogs relocated for care and rehabilitation. Well over that number of dogs were kept by the man known as "the canine Mengele," referring to the infamous Nazi doctor who performed scores of horrible experiments on imprisoned human victims.

The good news is that every dog who could be saved has been and the operation closed. But now the rescuers need help. Rescuers from across Europe are taking in the unbelievably abused dogs but they need money for food, medical care and so much more. If you can help or you want to know more, check out the website, Ebuggata. (Don't ask me what it means. Its Hungarian and NOT one of my languages unfortunately.)

BTW, I'm NOT posting pictures here of the dogs because the pictures are too horrific. All I can say is there should be a level of the afterlife set aside for the express purpose of punishing this sick "breeder" for the crimes he has committed against canines.


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