How You Can Support Dog Fighting Prohibition Act -- Strengthen Federal Antidogfighting Laws

 |  Aug 23rd 2007  |   4 Contributions


The Animal Protection Institute is encouraging all of us to help pass federal Dog Fighting Protection Act. Big barks to Senator Kerry and Representative Sutton for introducing this much needed legislation!

End Dog Fighting for Sport
Published 08/16/07

In response to the ongoing media coverage of dog fighting and the outrage of so many Americans hearing about the brutality associated with dog fighting for the first time federal lawmakers have introduced legislation that will help bring an end to this brutal sport" in the United States.

Senator John Kerry (D-MA) and Representative Betty Sutton (D-OH) recently introduced the Dog Fighting Prohibition Act (S. 1880/H.R. 3219). This legislation will make dog fighting a felony nationwide, prohibit the possession of dogs for fighting, and prohibit being a spectator at a dogfight.

Although dog fighting is banned by current law in all 50 states, in some states the laws still need to be strengthened. Some of them currently allow the possession of dogs for fighting or allow attendance at dog fights. Because gambling fuels dog fighting, it is imperative to crack down on the spectators and individuals who participate in dog fighting and its illicit associated activities.

Your voice can make a difference for dogs across the country, so please take action today.

Follow this link to get more information on what you can do.


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