How To Find A Dog Walker

 |  Jul 20th 2009  |   2 Contributions

Ann Silverman, writer for the in NYC, posted an article on finding a professional dog walker. She shares some good information that every dog owner should know.

I've never had to hire a dog walker, since I work from home, but if I ever do now I'll know what to ask. And so will you.

When interviewing a perspective dog walker, the dog owner should ask him or her several standard questions that will reveal how good of a professional the person is.

It's important to find out how long he or she has been doing this for a living, and if this is his or her sole profession. Does the dog walker own a dog? How many dogs does he walk at any given time?

With a small breed, it's important that the dog walker specializes in walking small breeds and does not walk more than three at any given time.

An owner should also be certain that the dog walker will be available for walking the dog at the number of times promised, and if he or she cannot walk the dog, that there is always a substitute available. References are also of great importance.

You should always get references from any perspective dog walker, and make sure to call them. Keep in mind any referrals given are obviously going to be positive. No one is going to give you a client that was dissatisfied as a referral. It's always a good idea to look online and see if you can find any unbiased opinions on the business or person you're considering hiring.

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