How To Catch A Duke

 |  Apr 30th 2009  |   2 Contributions

Catching a Duke is easy, open the doors to your bus and let him in. A city bus driver in Calgary, Alberta was driving her route when she spotted a dog surrounded by coyotes.

Dawn Hagel said she was driving Tuesday when she spotted the 16-month-old Australian cattle dog cringing beneath a parked pickup truck at the side of the road and two coyotes circling it.

Hagel, who owns two dogs herself, told the Calgary Sun she pulled alongside and opened the door.

"He was in the bus in a heartbeat -- he knew it was a much better fate," she said. "That dog was breakfast."

The dog was bleeding from two bite marks on its rear right leg, and passengers comforted it. Its owner, Hugh Magill, was tracked down by tags on its collar, the Sun said.

Duke's owner was found by the tags on his collar. His owner said he had been walking him without a leash when the dog spotted a coyote and bolted. He searched and called for him to no avail, eventually going home.

Kudos to Dawn Hagel for stopping to help a dog in need. Who says buses are never on time? I think this one had perfect timing.

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