Heroic Leo Saves Kittens

 |  Oct 26th 2008  |   8 Contributions

In Melbourne, Australia Leo the dog is being hailed a hero. A raging fire was burning, but Leo stood guard over a box of newborn kittens in the family home.

Leo the dog had to be revived after he was found standing guard over the newborn cats while flames raged around him.

'Fire fighters were conducting a search because we had a report of one person unaccounted for, initially,' Melbourne fire fighter Ken Brown said. 'We came across a dog named Leo who was guarding four kittens in the second bedroom.'

Fire fighters used heart massage and an oxygen mask to bring the Jack Russell-cross back to life after he became unconscious and stopped breathing.

There were no smoke detectors found in the house, it's amazing no one was killed. Leo and kittens are doing well. What a great story, way to go Leo.


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