Hero Dogs of 9/11

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Yesterday we paid tribute to working dogs. Today, as we approach the ninth anniversary of 9/11, we remember the 300 incredible disaster search dogs who contributed so much to the efforts to find the 2,976 victims, and later, their remains. Kenn Bell, creator of the Dog Files, put together this very moving video photomontage to honor the dogs, human rescuers, and victims of that unimaginable tragedy. Have a hanky handy.

Kenn's story is below.

By Kenn Bell

I remember back in 2001 on a hot, but incredibly beautiful day in September. I left my apartment on Houston Street in Manhattan to begin my daily walk uptown to work.

When I hit the street, I immediately felt a buzz in the air.

Men in suits were talking to Soho Hipsters. Groups of people listened to car radios. Needless to say, something was off.

As I was walked past the Angelica Movie Theater, I looked up in the direction everyone else was looking.

The World Trade Center was in flames! And then, as quick as I looked up, the South Tower was gone, replaced by a million pieces of shattered glass sparkling in the clear blue sky.

At that moment, I knew my life, and the lives of every American had changed forever.

Every year, when 9/11 rolled around, I promised myself that Id do something special to commemorate this tragic American moment. And then it was September 12th and life went back to everyday concerns.

This year was different.

I hope when you watch Hero Dogs Of 9/11 it affects you as much as it affected me while I was creating it.

That you take a few minutes to pray for the 2976 victims of this tragic day.

That you remember how proud we all felt in the weeks after 9/11 as we watched over 10,000 men and women converge on Ground Zero in the largest mobilization of emergency workers in the history of the United States.

And how 300 of them proved, without a doubt, that they were indeed mans best friend.

Never Forget.

The DogFiles would like to thank Celeste Matesevac and everybody at the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. Check out their website and please donate!



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