Herding Event in Cleveland, Ohio April 28th-29th

 |  Mar 3rd 2007  |   8 Contributions

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Interested in seeing some herding dogs doing their thing? Then you might want to check out this event in Cleveland, Ohio!

Thanks to Jerry Schetterer for barking this in:

Hi all,

Hado-Bar Farms will be hosting 2 AHBA HRD Trials (Sanctioning Pending) on Saturday April 28, 2007. Each trial will be limited to 12 entries.

Hado-Bar Farms will also be hosting 2 AHBA Herding Tests (HCT and JHD) on Sunday April 29, 2007.

The judges for the tests and trials will be Kelly Malone and Jean Barrett.

For more information about this event or to download the premium/entry form.

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