Her Time Is Up, Can You Help 1054 ?

 |  Nov 3rd 2009  |   19 Contributions


OH184.14951349-1-pnHow sad is this, a beautiful senior lab who is going to be put down without anyone even knowing her name? She was picked up as a stray and is only known as 1054.

I have no doubt she was a very loyal, loving companion and now she is nothing but a number. Her age is unknown, but she is obviously an old gal. Don't let old age fool you, if you've never adopted an older dog before this girl can bring more joy than you can imagine.

She is located at Portage County Dog Warden Shelter in Ravenna, Ohio. You can reach them at 330-297-6924. There is no time to spare, I know there is a perfect family out there for this beautiful girl, is it you?

Please post and crosspost this message, before it's too late.


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