Help Us Adopt 3-Legged Dog Given Up Because Of Baby

 |  Aug 19th 2009  |   101 Contributions

Wow, it doesn't get much more heartless than this, a loyal family pet given up because the owners may be adopting a baby and don't want to bother with her.

Beautiful Mia only has a few days left before being put down, she's located in the Atlanta, GA. area.

Meet Mia---GREAT dog, needs great owners

Mia is a beautiful, three-legged dog whose owners have decided to get rid of her because they may be adopting children soon! She isn't used to children, so she has snapped at a few young, rowdy children that have come to the house.I used to have a three-legged dog who snapped at children too, so I taught my toddler daughter to leave her alone, and I crated her when necessary. Maia's owners aren't willing to do that. They have her boarded at Dearborn Animal Clinic, and she has been in a cage/run there for almost two months without any visitors!

They are going to have her euthanized in a week if no one adopts her, and they haven't really tried to find a home for her!

The owners say she'd do best in a home without children or other dogs, but I think she'd do fine with older, calmer children and submissive dogs, since three-legged dogs are often insecure and feel threatened by more dominant dogs.

If you can take or foster this baby, please call me on my cell at 678-469-8675 (my pet sitting cell number) or email me .

Thank you,



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